Food Truck Friday!!

I am currently working in downtown and love the vibrant energy you can feel just walking down the street. When we moved back to the area, I knew that I wanted to work downtown again. It is just something that makes me happy and look forward to going to work. I can go out and walk on my lunch, there is a grocery store so when I need something for dinner I can grab it without delaying my arrival home in the evening, and the food options can be limitless.

I recently spent a Friday lunch with some ladies I work with enjoying a concert and food trucks at a little patio in the heart of the city. Food Truck Friday will be a new requirement during the summer. Now, I know that some people may turn their nose up at food from a truck, but let me tell you it is AMAZING!! And gourmet. Gone are the “roach coaches” as we used to fondly refer to them indie is many moons ago. A few years ago in Milwaukee, we realized how much they have changed to become quite a trend. I had a delicious crepe with goat cheese, pesto, arugula, bacon, and tomato with a sweet basil dressing. It was nothing short of life changing.   

In addition to the crepe truck, there was a deli, a BBQ, a Mexican, and one other that escapes me. All in all, the selection was plentiful and the long lines were proof of their deliciousness. The band played while we hung out and ate and it was a relaxing way to decompress for a bit. I am looking forward to next time and maybe a lunch date with the hubby.



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