My Mighty Fix

  A couple months ago I traded in my monthly Birchbox subscription for the Mighty Fix subscription from the awesome people at Mighty Nest.  I love them for many reasons but the top two are that they are eco friendly and harmful chemical free and they also send 15% of every purchase to the school of your choice. I never have to worry about the items I buy and if they are safe for my family and home.  They have also taught me more about how to make my home and family safer and help to preserve Mother Earth for future generations. 

So the Mighty Fix is a monthly subscription box for $10 a month and you will receive a product each month that is valued greater than $10. I have received three subscriptions so far and love each one.  The first was two packs of organic cotton kitchen towels for doing dishes and I love them. I use one everyday and they are fabulous.  The second two months (June & July) I received a Goddess Garden Organic spray sunscreen and a bottle of LifeStings Bug Repellant Lotion.  I have not used spray sunscreen in several years and my son was excited to have a spray. It coats evenly and is not made with any harmful chemicals. I spray the kids then rub to ensure they are covered well. The LifeStings Bug Repellent is fabulous. It’s a lotion and at first I was a little skeptical but after trying it, I am sold. The active ingredient is catnip oil and it works well. There is no deet or citronella and is quite gentle on the skin. 

My kids have very sensitive skin. One has eczema and the other swells massively from mosquito bites plus she breaks out in a rash if you look at her wrong. Neither product irritated either kid and they worked so effectively I will definitely be stocking up on both. 

I am looking forward to this months box in hopes that it has something to help with packing lunch and snacks for on the go. 


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