Spring is here!!!

Happy Friday y’all!  Spring has officially lasted longer than a day here in the Midwest. What a crazy couple of months here. But we are super excited about all the change. 

We FINALLY moved onto the farm about 6 weeks ago and have been loving life since then (another blog post on that later). One of the biggest and best benefits of living out of town is the ability to spend out evenings outside and less time in front of the television or tablets. The kids have the freedom to go out and play anytime they want, even if we are working inside. They have learned their boundaries and know to stay close. The Little Man even runs to whichever window I am near (usually the kitchen) and yells in to check in from time to time. He revels in the new responsibility of being able to have the independence and trust of mom and dad to be outside alone, well, with his sister.

It has been a rather wet week here but last night we had a break from the wet weather. The boys put on their rain boots and piled on the ATV to head down to the creek and frog hunt. Little Man was so excited he talked about it all night and was the first thing he mentioned this morning when he was waking up.

While the boys were hunting for frogs, Pretty Kid and I went across the street to the little piece of state property and hunted for some wild asparagus. We had so much fun out looking and trampling through the tall grass. It is so cool to teach them where our food comes from and to respect Mother Earth. So many kids today only know food that comes from a grocery store shelf that they don’t understand what it takes to grow the food to nourish their body.

Looking forward to fixing some of that wild asparagus tonight with dinner!


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