Rain, rain, go away

After a rainy week, the sun has been out and the plants are soaking it up. The temps have continued to be in the 60s and low 70s so new growth has been slow but I think it’s about to take off this weekend when we have several 80 degree sunny days. 

We have started quite the garden this year and the first plants are in the ground with many more started in the house. We have 15 raspberry Bushes, 8 blueberry bushes, 75 strawberries, 2 elderberry bushes, and a row of sweet corn. The berry bushes were transplanted about a month ago and have adjusted well. 

I was out earlier this week checking on the plants and noticed some damage to one of my blueberry bushes. Turns out it has a fungus that causes canker sores on the stems. Not good. And it is highly contagious (this is so odd to be typing as it is about a plant 🙂). It is usually spread through the rain splashing the fungus to other plants and the. It goes to town.  After much research and deliberation with my farmer hubs; we decided that the best course was to cut off the afflicted branches. 

It was much harder and more painful than it should have been!  I love those lil plants. Especially since I can see the lil bunches of blueberries already growing. But here’s hoping we were able to get rid of it before it spreads to all of them and we loose the whole bramble. 

It amazing how much of yourself you can put into growing things. I am so invested and really look forward to the day we just walk outside for food as opposed to going to a grocery store.  In due time…. We are headed to the first farmers market of the year tomorrow and I AM SO EXCITED!!!


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