I am a mother and a wife just trying to do what is best for my little family. I balance a career outside the home, support for a husband who farms, and spending as much time teaching my babies about life as I can.

In a world in which we are constantly plugged in and full of convenience foods made in a lab instead of nature, it can be hard to decide what’s good and bad, to teach our children good choices and how to be healthy.

I am not one who fancies putting down roots.  I prefer to move every couple years and travel as much as possible.  The thought of being rooted to one place forever makes me anxious and kicks up my flight response.  But sometimes you have to put on your big girl pants and pull up your boot straps because life has other plans for you.

This is our journey to find that path and teach each other what it means to be in the moment. And remember to slow down and take a breath. This is our only life. Let’s make the most of it!


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