Summer Sweet Corn

As I have mentioned before, my husband is a farmer.  He and his father farm the typical Midwestern field crops of corn and soybeans and he has expanded the farm to now include sweet corn. This is our second year growing the crop and it is amazing.  It is more hard work than we imagined and last year was a learning year.  But let me tell you, that first bite into a juicy cobb of corn that was on the stalk only an hour ago is the most amazing experience.  The corn is fresh and so much sweeter than those purchased in the store.   I love seeing the kids faces covered in sweet corn juice.  They love the stuff.   In fact, as we were out harvesting in the early morning hours, our son would just peel an ear   and sit down and have corn for breakfast.

It is also an incredible sense of pride to know that something you have grown and nurtured, is now in stores and nurturing other families.  My husband went  through a lot last year learning and I have never seen him work so hard.  This year, hopefully, will be a little bit easier and just as fulfilling when the work is done.

It was something that all of us pitched in and worked together on to harvest each ear by hand.  Even the baby found her spot in the backpack and helped mom.  I am looking forward to it again this year, even if I complained about it last year.  It has taught me patience, hard work, and how much more satisfying something is when you have grown it yourself.

So, today I drove by our corn field and felt the tingle of excitement about what is to come in the next few summer months.  The corn loves the hot, humid weather and has flourished over the last week.  I love how summer shows us life and energy and some of Mother Nature’s finest work.  This is my favorite season.


Childhood Memories

This year for Memorial Day, I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend doing one of my favorite activities with some of my favorite people. My two little people and I spent the weekend camping with my Aunt.  Growing up, I spent at least half of every summer camping with my grandparents at one of two lakes. Now, we camp in my Aunt’s camper in the backyard of her brother in law; who owns a house on a lake.  I will admit that my childhood self would scoff and say “that’s not real camping” and she would be right. But at the same time, my children still get the benefits of spending all day running around in a swimsuit, playing in the dirt, and rising and sleeping with the sun. There were boat rides, fishing for hours, tag, s’mores, and quick and easy meals around a picnic table.  Only once when my son was tired did he ask to watch a show on the iPad and have quiet time. It is good to unplug; for all of us. 

This picture reminds me so much of my childhood summers at the lake. She is watching her older sibling and cousin on the dock just itching to be with them (She eventually got her wish and was the happiest little girl).  Hopefully there will be many more weekends at the lake before September.   


And potentially the best benefit of running around in her swimsuit?  She is basically potty trained.  Yay!!!